Youth Golf

Youth Golf

Hit the greens and perfect your swing with our Junior Golf Lesson Program under the direction of PCHS golf coaches, Jeremy Crouch and Brett McGinnis. This program helps players work on their full swing, short game, putting, rules, and etiquette at Lick Creek Golf Course and typically takes place during the month of June.

Little Dragons (Ages 5 – 8)

No prior experience necessary. Focuses on safety, basic rules, etiquette, stance, grip, putting, and chipping. At the beginner level, instruction will take place at the putting green and driving range. Parents are encouraged to stay if possible.


Big Dragons (Ages 9 – 12)

For players with some experience. Focus ison rules, etiquette, stance, grip, swing path, course management, chipping, putting, and ball striking. At this level, we will do work on the practice green, driving range, as well as course play. This is also a starting point for those who wish to play high school golf.


Junior Golf Clinics

Junior Golf Clinics are also offered May through July and are taught at Lick Creek Golf Course by Cory Proehl, PGA Director of Golf. Clinics offered include: Pitching and chipping, full swing, putting, driver, and sand and trouble shots.


To register your child for any of the junior golf lessons or clinics, call Lick Creek Golf Course at (309) 346-0077.