Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Packages

Need a place to host your child’s birthday party with up to 20 of their most energy-filled friends? Pekin Park District has the perfect space for you along with seven fun “Birthday-in-a-Box” Party Packages that are guaranteed to be a big hit.

Best for children ages 4 to 10, these party kits completely take the hassle out of party planning. Each themed box contains a variety of fun party activities and decorations. We also give step-by-step instructions on how to play the party games or lead craft activities (or you can enlist one of our onsite party host to do it for you). Plus, all materials for the activities are included! All you have to do is send out invitations and provide cake and refreshments.

Parties at the Pavilion

COST: $95/box or $125/box plus onsite party host

 Birthday Divas

Every little girl loves to pretend to be a star! This party is all about feeling like a Diva! Kids will paint fingernails, make jewelry, play pink boa limbo, dance to music and so much more!

 A Dino-Mite Birthday

At this party, your child (and friends!) will discover Dino facts as they play the Dinosaur Egg Hunt, Pin-the-Horn-on-the-Triceratops, Make-a-Dino Fossil, Bone-Drop, Dino Relay, and make a Dino coloring book.

 Monster Bash

Invite your party guests to dress up as their favorite monster! The birthday star and friends will play pin the eye on the monster, a monster beanbag toss, a wild rumpus and more!

 Mad Scientist Wacky Experiments Party

Kids enjoy several simple, hands-on science activities that allow them to discover the science behind the mysteries! Some activities include making slime, blowing up a balloon using gas, seeing who can best predict how many paper clips it takes to overflow a cup of water and much more!

 Just Fun N Games Party

Consisting of games that simply get kids playing and having fun together, this party package includes a cheese curl toss, Twister, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, musical chairs, hopscotch, red light/greenlight and red rover.

Parties at Veterans Memorial Arena

Party on Ice

COST: $7 per person

Bring the party to Veterans Memorial Arena for ice skating fun! You provide the invitations and cake, and Pekin Park District will provide the soda, popcorn, and skates. Easy and fun!


For more information or to schedule a birthday party, email us or call (309) 347-7274.