Play Guide Error Notice

2022 Spring/Summer Play Guide Printing Error
April 14, 2022 Casey Smith

The 2022 Spring/Summer Play Guide experienced a widespread printing anomaly, OR glitch, that was NOT noticed until after distribution. Across the entire Play Guide, every lower case ‘i’ following a lower case ‘f’ resulted in the ‘i’ being printed on top of the ‘f’ leaving a blank space where the ‘i’ should be. We wanted to share that we are aware of the issue and that “It’s Not A Typo!”. The glitch was not present in the document files nor the printing proof. It only appeared on the final printing run of our 5,000 hard copies. We are working with the printing company to replace the hard copies we still have available at our facilities. We appreciate your understanding as we work to fix the issue and now know how to avoid the glitch from occurring again in the future!